लिंबू मिरची आणि दमछाक

आज सकाळीच बऱ्याच कामानिमित्त घराबाहेर पडलो. आज शनिवार आहे असे माहीत होते. पण रस्त्याने जाताना असे वाटून गेलं की आज जरूर शनी अमावस्या असावी.

जिकडे बघावे तिकडे रस्त्यावर लिंबू आणि मिरची पडलेली. लिंबू तसा रस निघून गेलेला कळकट, मिरची जीव गेल्यागत मळकट, आणि त्यासोबत कुठे कुठे काळी बाहुली सुद्धा.

आमच्या लहानपणी बरेच अंधश्रद्धाळू कयास आम्हाला सांगितले जायचे त्यापैकी हा पण एक कयास होता. “लिंबू मिरची किंवा काळ्या बाहुलीला ओलांडू नये, त्यावर पाय देऊ नये, परपीडा घरात येते”. तीच एक भीती मनाशी घेऊन आम्ही लहान मुले कित्येक दिवस काळी बाहुली पहिली की लांबूनच पळत सुटायचो.

शिक्षणामुळे नंतर कळलं की असे काही नसते. पण तरीही आज आपले शिकलेले अभियंते मित्र आपल्या चारचाकीला काळी बाहुली आणि लिंबू मिरची टांगतात. ट्रॅफिक सिग्नल, गल्लीच्या तोंडावर एक छोटा टेबल असे या लिंबू मिरची वाल्यांचे प्रशस्त मॉल असते. मॉलच ते, दिसले की घ्यायला पाहिजे असे वाटते. दिसत नाही तो पर्यंत त्याची गरज भासत नाही.

लहान असताना भावाला पायाला काहीतरी जखम झाली, पुरळ असल्यासारखी. नंतर त्यातले पस लागून दुसऱ्या पायलाही तशीच जखम झाली. भाऊ तसा खेळाडू असल्याने, दिवसभर इकडे तिकडे भटकत असल्याने त्याची ती जखम औषध घेऊनही काही बरी होत नव्हती. तस्सा आमच्या आजीने सूर लावला, “हा नक्की काहीतरी ओलांडून आला असेल”. आजीबरोबर माझे सौम्य भांडण झाले पण आजी काही बधली नाही, तिने त्याच्या गळ्याला मंतरलेला ताईत बांधलाच.

असो. आज माझ्यासकट बरीच लोक कमीत कमी दहा लिंबू मिरच्या आणि दोन-तीन बाहुल्या तरी चिरडून आले असतील. देव त्यांचं रक्षण करो.

My bad habits and thinking

My bad habits and thinking are real problem for me. I have set of bad and strange habits. I think that the world must work on right terms and conditions.

My bad habits and thinking

Here is the list of my bad habits and thinking as follows.

1) Pay utility bills on time :

Yes, this is my bad habit. I pay bills regularly and before due date. Many people here in India having good (?) habit of paying bill on due date. They curse the technology & people for slow internet connection on due dates. But I never wait for due dates.

2) Believe in preparations:

Every time and for anything, I make myself be prepare for the scenario. Most of the time my preparation works for the happening scenario. People are interested in doing everything on the go which is not good and not working all the time.

3) Do my own things at my own:

I believe in doing my own things at my own. I don’t believe others to do my things. Also I don’t want to do thing of others for them. LOL!

4) Learning new things:

This is my biggest problem. Whenever I see any new thing, I think about to learn and do it myself. It is not possible all the time. I am a web-developer by profession and I want to learn lot of languages and technologies at a same time. And most of the time I mess up all of them. I am confused with Javascript or PHP or Android or IONIC etc etc.

5) Just do it:

I get new ideas all the time. Sometime ideas are really good, sometimes they are piece of shit. I want them to code and publish on the same day.

I get ideas of custom websites and blog all the time. But I don’t want to mess them up. So I have created so many categorized blogs. New domain for new blog which is not good. I am too confuse about it. It is good or bad?

6) Things should work as per expectations:

I think that the things must work with the decided flow. They must be an option available for every thing. Suppose, my friend forgot his earphones, and he want mine. I also want the earphones. So at that time, I must have an extra earphone to fulfill the need of both.

My views about public service aspirants

My views about public service aspirants (UPSC, MPSC to be specific) are very cruel. I think most of the aspirants doing it just because they failed to achieve anything. They want some more time to enjoy their college life without fear of studies and job.

In Pune, nearly about 20,000 public service aspirants are trying for IAS, IPS, IBPS etc. Most of them are really not doing anything to get qualified in these examinations. They are here to enjoy life, holidays, girlfriend, boyfriend, whatsapp, facebook etc.


Why such cruel views about public service aspirants?

Everyone now a days doing Engineering. After Engineering, they are enable to get job from campus placements. So after college, they don’t know how to get job without campus interviews, or you can say, they don’t want to search the job willingly.

So, they have new excuse, that they don’t have interest in doing private job. They just want to go for Government job. By giving this excuse they start new expenses in big cities, and wasting time of their own and money of their parents.

After wasting minimum 3 years of their own life, their parent realize that our child having age of marriage. So they start searching for bride/groom, but their own child is not working yet. He/she don’t have any job or business. So again, parents try to set him/her up in business by giving huge capital from their own savings. Still their child is not capable of handling the business.


What actually need to do as a public service aspirant?

If anyone really want to get job post by giving these examinations, please do it sincerely. You need to start it from the days of your college. UPSC / MPSC is not an easy thing to do if you are rejected everywhere then go for it. It is tough thing, and you need to be prepare from first day.

Don’t waste your time in social media’s (just use it for General Knowledge, no addiction), unnecessary holidays, enjoying cigars and bike rides. Invest every minute in your studies.


(Image source : The feature image is random image from Google Image search)

I don’t want to loose my own time

I don’t want to loose my own time. I want to spend it at my own. Even if I do some time pass (or time passing me) , I want to do it for me.

  1. When I was in college, I am habitual of going to canteen. I never wait for friends who take 15–20 minutes to get ready. Rather I hit the canteen first and get tea sips and then waiting for them.
  2. I finish my breakfast while tea is getting ready over stove. I finish pressing my shirts while water is heating over gas.
  3. I usually brush my teeth when I go to bath. I wash my bike when my roommate using toilet and bathroom.
  4. I take extra photocopies of documents to save the time both for future use. I purchased 6 ball point pens, 3 pencils, new sharper and eraser before examination not to worry about it till end.
  5. If I promise someone to reach the place at 9 am. Then I will present at that place by 8.55 am. If that person don’t come till 9.15 am. I left that place. Its his fault. And I don’t want to waste my time for him.
  6. I waste my time on Quora and various social media, for searching new things. While people are wasting their time in watch those shitty daily soaps.
  7. I pay all my bills before due date to avoid last minute rush. I am not waiting for last day (may be on last day you have some other urgent work and you can’t pay the bills which leads in cut-off your electricity).
  8. Maximum time I am ready with my plan. If somebody fails, I will start working on my plan without wasting my time to curse him/her. Things happens, try solutions instead of cursing.


(Image source : The feature image is downloaded from Wallpaper House. Thanks a lot.)

Mobile phones in India

From last 4-5 years, there is huge evolution of mobile phones in India. Usage of smartphones increasing day by day. I am the guy who have seen both era. In short, I classify the phones as follows.

Type of Mobile phones in India

  1. Without phones
  2. Phones.
    1. Feature Phone (Needy Phone)
    2. Smart Phone (Needy, Productive, Banking and real utility apps)
    3. Smart Phone (Shitty, photo-editing, social-networking, banner-making, time-passing apps)
    4. Smart Phones (Gamers, pseudo-gamers)

Description of the types of mobile phones in India

  1. Feature Phone: Feature phone is nothing but needy phone with 2G connection (now 4G also) holding, mostly use for calls. It has long battery backup. Mostly those people who have to make large number of calls or long calls make use of it. Call center guys are using it hard to annoy people.
  2. Smart Phone (Needy, Productive, Banking and real utility apps): Really needed. People are using apps like phone banking, flight-train booking, mobile payments and recharges, online shopping, utility apps like SIP calculators, loan-emi calculators, RD/FD calculations, Converters (lenght, weight, distance etc), To-do lists etc etc.
  3. Smart Phone (Shitty, photo-editing, social-networking, banner-making, time-passing apps) : These are bulk of shit people, who have plenty of time for photoshoot and post it on instagram and facebook to get fake likes, muhhhs, smileys, yes bosss comments etc. Disgraceful misuse of technology.
  4. Smart Phones (Gamers, pseudo-gamers) : Some people passing their time in playing games for entertainment. Some people want to get money by playing online games.

The 3rd type of people are really increasing now a days. I personally feel that technology is somewhat evolve to make our life easier and to do some productive. People took technology in reverse direction, they think that technology is somewhat evolve to make people LAZY.


Any Questions?

Q. How to use technology?

A : Why the invention of wheel was necessary? It is necessary for moving things faster from one place to another. Why the invention of smartphones? To make time-consuming things faster and paperless.


Q. How to misuse technology?

A : Use of wheels (bike or car) to go to Gym for cycling. Smartphone is use to call your mother who is working in other room to bring your clothes in your room.


I feel technology for the guy like myself is good. This is the warning for those who are using (misusing) the technology, that the technology is fishy.

Strayed young generation – भटकी हुई नौजवान पिढी

आज हमारे हिसाब से तो भटकी हुई नौजवान पिढी बहुत आगे बढ़ रही है। दस हजार रूपये तक बाजार में कोई भी स्मार्टफोन मिल जाता है। स्मार्टफोन खरीदो और किसी भी नेता को जन्मदिन के बधाई के बैनर बनाओ। फिर नेता की नजर में आने के लिए ऐसी चीज़े लगातार करते रहो। थोड़े दिन बाद दस बीस लड़के जमा करके भाईगिरी शुरू कर दो।

ऐसे लड़को से होता तो कुछ नहीं है। सिर्फ बेरोजगारी बढ़ती है। बेरोजगार होने की वजह से दिन भर ये बस इधर उधर की बाते करते रहते है। घर की जिम्मेदारी नहीं समझ पाते। माँ बाप पर बोझ बन कर रह जाते है।


अपना काम खुद करो

मुझे तो लगता है, की माँ बाप बच्चो को कुछ ज्यादा ही लाड प्यार करते है। जिसकी वजह से बच्चो को जो चीज़े मिल रही है, वो उन्हें हक्क लगने लगता है। माँ बाप ने पैदा किया है, तो बाइक, स्मार्टफोन फिर उसका पेट्रोल, रिचार्ज सब उन्ही को देना चाहिए, हम तो बस ऐश करेंगे।

वक्त रहते हर एक माँ बाप ने अपने लाड़लो को ये ज्ञात कराना चाहिए की आगे जाकर तुम्हे अपने पैरो पे खड़ा होना है। और अगर कुछ चाहिए तो खुद कमा के खाना पड़ेगा। जब तुम्हारा परिवार बनेगा, तब उनके लिए दाना पानी तुम्हे ही लाना होगा। तो उसकी तैयारी में अभी लग जाओ। पुराने ज़माने में बच्चे खुद ये चीज़ समज जाते थे, लेकिन आज कल सबकुछ इन्हे बताना पड़ता है। फोन स्मार्ट हो रखे है, और पीढ़िया मुर्ख


शिक्षा को लेकर अज्ञान

आजकल बच्चो के साथ साथ माँ बाप भी शिक्षा के बारे में अज्ञान है। पूर्व काल में माँ बाप बच्चो को पढ़ने के लिए स्कूल भेजते थे। वहा अध्यापक को बोला जाता था, की मारने की जरुरत पड़े तो मारो, मगर इसे पढ़ाओ। आज बच्चे को स्कूल में अगर मास्टर सिर्फ होमवर्क के बारे में पूछ ले तो बच्चे माता पिता को उनकी झूटी शिकायत कर देते है। बच्चो के शोषण के कायदे की आड़ में अच्छे और भी निष्काम होते जा रहे है।


पढ़े लिखे गंवार

पढ़े लिखे गँवारो की संख्या में बहुत बढ़ोतरी हो गयी है। उंगलियों पर सबकुछ मिलने की वजह से बच्चे निष्काम होते जा रहे है। थोड़ी अलग चीज करने को कह दो तो नहीं कर पाते, सिर्फ वही चीजे करना चाहते है जो आसान है।
मोबाइल में मनोरंजन की चीजे आसानी से कर लेते है लेकिन कोई ढंग का उपयोग नहीं कर पाते। गेम्स, फोटोग्राफी, वीडियो की कई सारी ऍप्स रहेंगी लेकिन कोई यूटिलिटी एप्प नहीं रहेंगी। कही गए तो एक अर्जी नहीं लिख पाते, और मोबाइल में घंटो चटियाते रहेंगे


Motorola Performing Best

I am using Moto G – 3rd generation (Google Moto) since November, 2015. I am very well satisfied with such a great performance. I am using mobile handsets since 2006. I used 26 handsets yet, but I didn’t used any handset more than 4 months except Motorola G3.

From last 2 months, I am facing weird issue. While incoming call, I am unable to receive the call, touchscreen not working. Then I used to lock-unlock two-three times, after that I can receive the call. Today, I think about to reset handset for factory setting. But I want the backup of all my things which are available on the phone now.

I am using Google Apps for everything. So the list of Google Apps as follows.
1. Google Messaging App
2. Google Contacts
3. Google Calendar
4. Google Chrome
5. Google Keep
6. Google Fit etc.
So by default, all my things are backed up – except sms, because Google Messaging App not taking backup for sms. So I search for an App called CM Backup. I took backup of my sms over there and stored on their cloud.

Before resetting, My 16 GB phone memory occupied around 44%. I started resetting factory data. I was thinking that I have to install all the app again from Play Store manually. But we all know that Google is a wizard. After resetting factory setting, Google automatically reinstall all my apps which are installed before resetting. Greatttttttt!

Now after resetting, phone memory occupied arround 22%. It means 50% save after resetting factory data and no more weird issue of receiving incoming call. Thanks to Google and specially Motorola for providing such a great performing hardware. I think I will use the same handset at least 2 years from now.

First Rainfall Experience

Awesome due to rain and Hilarious due to women driver!

Yes, exactly! Yesterday, it started raining here in Pune. My office is on Mumbai-Banglore highway, so I feel lucky that I don’t have to face any kind of mud and small swimming pools on the road. After office I drive through highway and make my way to the home, it was awesome experience while driving. Well it is my first Mansoon season as a two-wheeler driver. I don’t have raincoat, and I don’t want to purchase one, because I want to experience this thing – but after office. 🙂

Today morning, when I was making my way towards office, I gone through a hilarious experience. As we all know, in Pune, everytime the Municipal Corporation doing some repairs or new construction on roads. There were to many small swimming pools on the road. People making there way from one side of road to avoid those swimming pools.

A lady driver came by. Faster around 60-70 kmph. She drove her vehicle in the swimming pool and everyone who are making there way along side experience a complete bath with that muddy water. Awwww. We were making our way towards office dude. Some people from behind curse her, abuse her. She said sorry.

SORRY! The biggest lie in the world which is not able to wash our clothes, not able to wash our bikes and cars, not able to heal the wounds. And she said sorry! Hilarious!

Anyway खुले मी गाली देणे का मजा ही कुछ और है।

Enjoy the mansoon!