Corona virus and India

Corona Virus in India

I am not specialist in medical science, but after some research I come to know that Corona is family of some dangerous viruses. COVID-19 is one of them, and it is pandemic right now. It is pandemic because it is already spread all over the world.

How it spreads?

Corona virus aka COVID-19 spread from touch. If you shake hands with infected people and then touching of virus infected hands to face, mouth, nose, eyes can cause this virus infection. If you come in contact with infected person, and you get infected then the symptoms shown within 14 days.

Any medicine on this?

No. We don’t have any medicine on this. If you are infected and you have strong immunity power, you make survive yourself still all the stages of Corona infection, then yes, you may come out of it. Doctors and pharmacists from all over the world are trying continuously to find-out medicine (vaccine) on this.

What about India?

India is full of people. We have population of 125 Crore people with handful of over-educated fools. We are repeating the mistakes of other countries. First they took this infection very lightly, and now they are crying by seeing the death-bodies of their loved ones.

Self-Distancing and Claps:

Our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Modi told us to come to the gallery, and claps to show support to the working doctors, policemen, and other personal involve in this war with the pandemic on 22nd March, 2020 at 5 pm.
What people were doing? They gathered and marching all the way of city and chanting meaningless corona songs.
Clapping doesn’t cure Corona in single day buddy.

Go Corona, Corona Go, Go Corona, Corona Go.

It’s ridiculous.

What is self-distancing?

Self-distancing means stop your social interaction (not on Facebook or WhatsApp) with real people. Stay at your home for atleast 2 weeks. If everyone follow this then definitely the chain of infection will break. Currently we only have this solution, to avoid the infection. That’s it.