First Rainfall Experience

first rainfall experience

Awesome due to rain and Hilarious due to women driver!

Yes, exactly! Yesterday, it started raining here in Pune. My office is on Mumbai-Banglore highway, so I feel lucky that I don’t have to face any kind of mud and small swimming pools on the road. After office I drive through highway and make my way to the home, it was awesome experience while driving. Well it is my first Mansoon season as a two-wheeler driver. I don’t have raincoat, and I don’t want to purchase one, because I want to experience this thing – but after office. 🙂

Today morning, when I was making my way towards office, I gone through a hilarious experience. As we all know, in Pune, everytime the Municipal Corporation doing some repairs or new construction on roads. There were to many small swimming pools on the road. People making there way from one side of road to avoid those swimming pools.

A lady driver came by. Faster around 60-70 kmph. She drove her vehicle in the swimming pool and everyone who are making there way along side experience a complete bath with that muddy water. Awwww. We were making our way towards office dude. Some people from behind curse her, abuse her. She said sorry.

SORRY! The biggest lie in the world which is not able to wash our clothes, not able to wash our bikes and cars, not able to heal the wounds. And she said sorry! Hilarious!

Anyway खुले मी गाली देणे का मजा ही कुछ और है।

Enjoy the mansoon!