I don’t want to loose my own time

I don't want to loose my time.

I don’t want to loose my own time. I want to spend it at my own. Even if I do some time pass (or time passing me) , I want to do it for me.

  1. When I was in college, I am habitual of going to canteen. I never wait for friends who take 15–20 minutes to get ready. Rather I hit the canteen first and get tea sips and then waiting for them.
  2. I finish my breakfast while tea is getting ready over stove. I finish pressing my shirts while water is heating over gas.
  3. I usually brush my teeth when I go to bath. I wash my bike when my roommate using toilet and bathroom.
  4. I take extra photocopies of documents to save the time both for future use. I purchased 6 ball point pens, 3 pencils, new sharper and eraser before examination not to worry about it till end.
  5. If I promise someone to reach the place at 9 am. Then I will present at that place by 8.55 am. If that person don’t come till 9.15 am. I left that place. Its his fault. And I don’t want to waste my time for him.
  6. I waste my time on Quora and various social media, for searching new things. While people are wasting their time in watch those shitty daily soaps.
  7. I pay all my bills before due date to avoid last minute rush. I am not waiting for last day (may be on last day you have some other urgent work and you can’t pay the bills which leads in cut-off your electricity).
  8. Maximum time I am ready with my plan. If somebody fails, I will start working on my plan without wasting my time to curse him/her. Things happens, try solutions instead of cursing.


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