Life of a Software Engineer during corona virus pandemic

Corona Virus in India
  • Wake up and get ready
  • Start calls with Teams and Manager
  • Work till lunch break
  • Lunch
  • Work till tea break
  • Tea Break
  • Work till dinner
  • Dinner
  • Closing report
  • Sleep

Wake up and get ready:

Off-course its they are wake up late because they can’t sleep at night because of the work pressure on next day! So they wake up at 8.30 am something and try to get ready until 9 am. Believe me, they are superman of their own life’s!

Start calls with Teams and Manager:

Every software engineer now a days, going through this phase. You may called it as scrum, morning briefing, plan of action etc. Everyone join the group call and people are discussing about their priorities of the tasks, releases, bugs, approaches etc etc. After discussion about an half hour, everyone have their plan ready for the day.

Work till lunch break:

Everyone literally started their work on the next minute due to tight schedule. Some of them even forget to drink water. If they stuck in between the approach or task, they call each other on various apps like skype, Microsoft Teams etc and communicate with each other.

Their is nothing much during lunch break. Lunch break is nothing but the half hour of eating some food in great hurry. Without wasting time they try to join the desk after lunch.

Work till tea break:

This is the most horror time. Everyone is literally feel drowsy but they keep wake up for the work. This time gone very slowly. These 3 hours sound like 3 days to them.

Around 5 pm, these people have tea. Tea break is nothing but taking sip’s of Tea or Coffee while working. There is no perfect timing schedules (or invested) for this.

Work till dinner:

The worst part of being in IT industry is working for late hours without pay. Even if you are working for 10 hours a day, you just get salary of 8 hours only. Commonly, if you start your day at 9 am then it is considered to be end at 6 pm. But here, it actually starts from 6 pm. Lot of work happen in the time of 6 pm to 8 pm. And now they are now working from home, so the time extends up to the dinner and post dinner too.

Having Dinner is nothing but eating something with lot of pressure of next day in the head. They look at the mobile phones while eating. Lot of unseen messages and notifications on the various social networking apps. They check these all while having dinner.

Some people end the day before dinner and some still work after dinner. Sleep is nothing but a tension in mind about the next day.

What is the pain in this?

Yes, lot of pain. What you think that they have their work, income is still there, no loss. But its not like that. These people are under pressure of performances. More and more working hours they are giving to their organization with same or decremented salary. Some of them having fear of layoff. Some of them are already fired (serving notice period). Endless tensions are there.

Poor people off-course having lot of difficulties while this pandemic. But if you are comparing the people of same living style of Software Engineer, you really feel that there is lot of difference. Other people can play ludo, dumb charades, spent quality time with family, watch Ramayana on TV, looking at old photo album, sharing memes on social platforms, taking selfie of self with family etc etc. Software engineers now a days, not living such life.

Corona Virus Pandemic:

May be you have time to spend with time with your family because you have no work to do. You are talking about the falling economy, you are talking about poor people, homeless people. You are talking about supporting, non-supporting people, doctors, policemen, politicians but nobody gives a shit about the life of software engineer during corona virus pandemic.