Motorola Performing Best

I am using Moto G – 3rd generation (Google Moto) since November, 2015. I am very well satisfied with such a great performance. I am using mobile handsets since 2006. I used 26 handsets yet, but I didn’t used any handset more than 4 months except Motorola G3.

From last 2 months, I am facing weird issue. While incoming call, I am unable to receive the call, touchscreen not working. Then I used to lock-unlock two-three times, after that I can receive the call. Today, I think about to reset handset for factory setting. But I want the backup of all my things which are available on the phone now.

I am using Google Apps for everything. So the list of Google Apps as follows.
1. Google Messaging App
2. Google Contacts
3. Google Calendar
4. Google Chrome
5. Google Keep
6. Google Fit etc.
So by default, all my things are backed up – except sms, because Google Messaging App not taking backup for sms. So I search for an App called CM Backup. I took backup of my sms over there and stored on their cloud.

Before resetting, My 16 GB phone memory occupied around 44%. I started resetting factory data. I was thinking that I have to install all the app again from Play Store manually. But we all know that Google is a wizard. After resetting factory setting, Google automatically reinstall all my apps which are installed before resetting. Greatttttttt!

Now after resetting, phone memory occupied arround 22%. It means 50% save after resetting factory data and no more weird issue of receiving incoming call. Thanks to Google and specially Motorola for providing such a great performing hardware. I think I will use the same handset at least 2 years from now.