My bad habits and thinking

my bad habits

My bad habits and thinking are real problem for me. I have set of bad and strange habits. I think that the world must work on right terms and conditions.

My bad habits and thinking

Here is the list of my bad habits and thinking as follows.

1) Pay utility bills on time :

Yes, this is my bad habit. I pay bills regularly and before due date. Many people here in India having good (?) habit of paying bill on due date. They curse the technology & people for slow internet connection on due dates. But I never wait for due dates.

2) Believe in preparations:

Every time and for anything, I make myself be prepare for the scenario. Most of the time my preparation works for the happening scenario. People are interested in doing everything on the go which is not good and not working all the time.

3) Do my own things at my own:

I believe in doing my own things at my own. I don’t believe others to do my things. Also I don’t want to do thing of others for them. LOL!

4) Learning new things:

This is my biggest problem. Whenever I see any new thing, I think about to learn and do it myself. It is not possible all the time. I am a web-developer by profession and I want to learn lot of languages and technologies at a same time. And most of the time I mess up all of them. I am confused with Javascript or PHP or Android or IONIC etc etc.

5) Just do it:

I get new ideas all the time. Sometime ideas are really good, sometimes they are piece of shit. I want them to code and publish on the same day.

I get ideas of custom websites and blog all the time. But I don’t want to mess them up. So I have created so many categorized blogs. New domain for new blog which is not good. I am too confuse about it. It is good or bad?

6) Things should work as per expectations:

I think that the things must work with the decided flow. They must be an option available for every thing. Suppose, my friend forgot his earphones, and he want mine. I also want the earphones. So at that time, I must have an extra earphone to fulfill the need of both.